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A hilarious, nostalgic jaunt through teenage angst and 90s pop by Malcolm McLean

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The Book

In nineties small-town Surrey, watching Top of the Pops was Malcolm's only escape from boredom and the bullies at school ... until a phone call from a pop star changed his life forever. Before long, he was getting compliments from Beyoncé, hanging out at award ceremonies with Posh Spice's mum and sneaking onto All Saints' tour bus.

Freak Like Me: Confessions of a 90s pop groupie is the true story of one teenage pop fan who, with a group of like-minded outcasts, witnesses the disposable music industry of the late nineties and early noughties first-hand. Tracking down A-lister itineraries, he gets to meet the real personalities behind the Smash Hits posters adorning his bedroom walls.


The book details Malcolm’s struggle to balance his life: stalking celebs around the M25 by night; Saturday jobs at Harvester and GCSEs by day. Malcolm’s story also looks at the challenges of coming out, bullying and finding your place in a grown-up world. Freak Like Me’s irreverent yet insightful tales juxtapose Malcolm’s life with the glitz and glamour of manufactured pop. It charts the meteoric rise and catastrophic falls of some of the 90s and early 00s most memorable pop acts, recounted by a suburban schoolboy who witnessed it all.


This hilarious memoir is packed with scandalous gossip and poignant memories from the era of Nokia 3310s and dial-up Internet, when chart positions meant everything and, if you wanted to know what your idols were up to off-screen, you had to track them down yourself!


Malcolm would also like to thank Myleene Klass’s mum for giving him five bars of chocolate.



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